What are Recap Notes?

In each course of the 3 Minute French series, you will learn lots of words and phrases, but you'll also learn some other parts of the language, such as:

  • Grammar points
  • Pronunciation tips
  • Accent explanations

Whilst you'll have plenty of opportunities to practise all of this throughout the lessons, sometimes, it's nice to be able to quickly come back and recap some of the trickier aspects.

Rather than having to sit through the entire course again, you can use this Recap Notes booklet to refresh your memory with a short recap. You'll find a booklet for each course in the series; this booklet is purely for the language points made in 3 Minute French - Course 9 (lessons 72 to 80).

What's inside?

Inside the booklet for this course, you'll find notes about these topics:

  • The Past Tense - verbs of movement
  • A different auxiliary verb
  • Past participles
  • Must / have to
  • ils vs. elles
  • on
  • on dit que
  • I’ve been to
  • What
  • Vouloir - to want
  • To spend
  • Seulement
  • j’espère vs. j’espère que
  • Question words
  • Combien
  • Pour combien de temps
  • Quel
  • Lequel