The 3 Minute Languages courses

A series of courses for the complete beginner. I break the language down into its core components, and then show you how to build it back together, enabling you to say what you want without having to memorise set phrases.

The lessons are broken down into short, bitesized chunks, so they're perfect for the busy learner. The method is so simple, you'll be speaking your chosen language by the end of the first lesson.

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Building Structures courses

Building Structures is a series of courses that looks at languages in a unique way. Every language can be broken down into a number of structures. In these courses, you'll learn each structure and how to use it. Each structure will help to propel you to fluency.

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Course bundles

You can buy multiple courses together, and save money. Have a look at all the bundles available by clicking the button below.

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I regularly add new videos to YouTube to help you with your language learning

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The Happy Linguist blog

I post articles related to language learning on my blog called The Happy Linguist

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All my Spanish courses

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Spanish grammar

Essential Spanish grammar - Future | Conditional | Imperfect

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3 Minute Portuguese

Building Structures in Portuguese

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