What is "3 Minute Languages"?

A series of courses for the complete beginner. I break the language down into its core components, and then show you how to build it back together, enabling you to say what you want without having to memorise set phrases.

The lessons are broken down into short, bitesized chunks, so they're perfect for the busy learner. The method is so simple, you'll be speaking your chosen language by the end of the first lesson

What is 3 Minute Languages?

3 Minute Languages is my main series of courses. It's the eponymous series whose method can be found in all my books, courses and lessons, and it took many years to develop.

The 3 Minute courses break down each language into its core components, and then I show you how to build it back together again, enabling you to form your own sentences. You'll learn the most useful parts of the language first, meaning you can start to communicate straight away.

Another feature of the 3 Minute Languages courses is that I've split up each lesson into 3-minute chunks. The reason for this is that it will help you to turn language learning into a habit that you can easily fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Why 3 minutes?

When most people start learning something new, they begin by spending hours and hours studying or practising. Whislt they might be able to sustain this level of high motivation for a very short time, after a few days, it begins to dwindle. The key to developing a new habit is to start off small. If you start off by sticking to just three minutes per day of study, you'll find you stick to learning a new language for much longer. Additionally, three amazing things will happen:

  1. You'll maintain enthusiasm - by learning in short bursts, your new hobby stays fresh and exciting
  2. You'll form a habit - it's easy to form a daily three-minute habit, and this will mean you study more consistently
  3. You'll remember things better - short lessons trick your brain into holding onto information more quickly and for longer

You can find more articles about the method and how you can effortlessly create a habit effort on my blog.