What is "Building Structures"?

In the Building Structures series, I show you that the entire language is made up of a certain number of structures. Every question, every sentence and every utterance is made up of one of these structures. In each course, I show you the components of a specific structure, and show you how to put the parts together to form a sentence.

What is Building Structures?

Languages are made up of a certain number of structures, and every sentence in any book, any magazine, or any utterance that anybody makes can fit into one of these structures. Each structure is made up of a number of slots, and you can fit words into the slots to make a sentence - that's what Building Structures is all about.

In each course of the Building Structures series, we'll look at a different structure, and learn how to build questions and sentences using that structure. These courses work best if you already have at least a basic grasp of the language (if you haven't learnt the language before, I recommend you complete the 3 Minute courses 1 to 3 before starting the Building Structures series), however, because everything is explained in full, you can benefit from them as a complete beginner.

Each structure will propel you a little further to fluency, and you'll be building your own sentences immediately, as if by magic!

Just put the blocks in the right order

Building Structures really simplifies language learning by breaking down each structure into a specific number of slots. You then just put words into each slot, and you get a sentence. Have a look at how we can build questions using Structure 1 (the examples below are Spanish, but each language uses the same method).

Using the blocks in the example, we can build lots of different questions.

As well as forming questions and sentences, we;ll learn how to turn the structures negative, and in certain structures, we'll learn how to form different tenses. Once we've learnt a few different structures, we'll look at how we can put them together to form more complex sentences.

Throughout the courses, you'll get plenty of opportunity to practise building your own sentences. By doing this, each structure will become a reflex, so you'll eventually be able to speak automatically, without having to think about how to say what you want to say.